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  • In this busy, competitive market making the right choice can be paralysing, what if the ‘right’ choice turns out to be wrong?
  • Our human-centred design approach provides you with reassurance that comes from understanding your businesses needs, revealing key insights and identifying avenues of opportunity to pursue.
  • You come away with evidence-based data that will inform, inspire and ground your strategic decisions for you, your business and stakeholders.

how we thINK

  • We understand that delivering great insights or telling you which space the opportunity lies in is not enough.
  • We dig deeper by exploring the ‘so what’? to answer ‘what now’? You walk away with a strategy that isn’t just a great idea but is commercially viable and technically feasible.
  • We also understand you need actionable solutions, so we deliver tangible product; service and comms/brand results that balances customer experience credentials with your business strategy imperatives.

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what clients say

Andy is a very fresh thinker. He really understands the briefings, throws himself full of energy into the new challenge and comes with very refreshing ideas. He is pragmatic, flexible, has a healthy dose of humour and always adds a touch of je-ne-sais-quoi that results in modern, honest and authentic designs

Anouk Lagae

Core Europe at Duvel Moortgat

thINK made a real difference to our business, helping us transform brands to market leaders and tell brand stories in new and compelling ways.

John Oulton

Head of Sales
Bayer Animal Health Australia

We used thINK at Coca-Cola to create concepts for new products and packs. If you’re after plenty of creative options based on clear strategic thought, without taking ages or spending a fortune, it’s worth giving Andy a shout.

Nicholas Brock

Marketing Manager
Boxes, Bars & Snacking at Lindt & Sprungli, UK

thINK is the best brand and storytelling consultancy I have worked with.

Sally Fairless

Marketing Manager
Head of Specialty, Real Pet Food Company

frequently asked questions

What is your free strategic consult and how do I get one?
This is your opportunity to try before you buy, as we understand how hard it can be to choose the right consultancy for your needs. We will discuss in a short call/Skype your challenges and outline potential opportunities and ways forward for you. All you have to do is fill out a short form to tell us about your challenges and we’ll do the rest. It’s obligation free, so head on over to our form.
What is human-centred design and how does it differ from design thinking?
The easiest explanation of what human-centred design is can be found in our video here. As to how it differs is one of those questions that create a lot of debate and the definition of which varies depending on your perspective. Some say that human-centred design is a principle of design thinking. While others use it interchangeably. At thINK, we hero the importance of understanding you, your customers and other key stakeholders and are driven to problem-solve through empathy. While our 5Ds approach means that the entire context of the challenge is considered and the end result delivers a real-world solution that adds value alongside being technically feasible and commercially viable. Get in touch to see how human-centred design can help your business. Contact us here.
What if I just want 1 of your services and not the whole ‘5D’?
Not a problem. Our 5Ds are designed to take you from challenge/ problem space through to solution and delivery but we know that not everyone will require all this and may only need a specific service. Get in touch and together we can see what you need. Click here.
How do you understand the behaviours of our customers?
We have some great tools, methodologies and people with a background in human sciences (e.g. psychology). However, if YOU want to learn how to understand your customer better, check out this article for tips – Eight behaviours to understanding your customer. If you still need our help get in touch. Contact us here.
How long do projects take?
Without using ‘how long is a piece of string? ;-)’…this really does depend on what the project entails, its timelines and budgets. Get in touch about your project for a more accurate answer. Click here.
Where are you based?
Everywhere. Thanks to technology our location is no barrier to our global clients, but if we are talking physically you can find us in glorious Sydney, Australia.
Have another question?
Press SUBMIT below and we’ll answer you usually in the same business day.