Launching a superbrand to Kiwis

Bluebird New Zealand commissioned thINK to roll out the packaging for the Doritos global brand for launch in to the New Zealand market.

As part of an overall portfolio rationalisation, thINK assisted Bluebird in bringing together three existing corn chip brands into the one Doritos superbrand.

thINK also developed flavour ranging, colourways and pack photography for new Doritos flavours – All the while matching the creatve work to tightly controlled global guidelines including working to a proprietary pre-press and printing process.

Deliverables: Flavour ranging and colourways, pack photography, pack copy, point of sale and sales collateral.

The range line up for launch.
Getting the simple stuff right is a big help for brand mangers during a hectic product launch.

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what clients say

Andy is a very fresh thinker. He really understands the briefings, throws himself full of energy into the new challenge and comes with very refreshing ideas. He is pragmatic, flexible, has a healthy dose of humour and always adds a touch of je-ne-sais-quoi that results in modern, honest and authentic designs

Anouk Lagae

Core Europe at Duvel Moortgat

thINK made a real difference to our business, helping us transform brands to market leaders and tell brand stories in new and compelling ways.

John Oulton

Head of Sales
Bayer Animal Health Australia

We used thINK at Coca-Cola to create concepts for new products and packs. If you’re after plenty of creative options based on clear strategic thought, without taking ages or spending a fortune, it’s worth giving Andy a shout.

Nicholas Brock

Marketing Manager
Boxes, Bars & Snacking at Lindt & Sprungli, UK

thINK is the best brand and storytelling consultancy I have worked with.

Sally Fairless

Marketing Manager
Head of Specialty, Real Pet Food Company