Q. How do you re-brand 120 products?
A. Start with a flexible design and guidelines

Other half of the story, is a great client / agency project team and production know-how.

No doubt, this is a behemoth of a re-branding and packaging project. With 120 products in play; with most having 3 to 4 components per product. That’s a lot of artwork built and a heck more coffee drunk.

The short version of a very in-depth design development process, was the need to design a simple and flexible design system that would fit any packaging format, from large square drum to long thin carton, rectangular plastic satchel etc… The total scope of packaging formats was unknown, as the product portfolio was being rationalised due to a company acquisition.

An orchestral arrangement between thINK and the repackaging project team at Bayer Australia – Everyone working in unison to keep the project momentum. And all artwork needing proof reading, legal, medical writing and branding team checks during the rounds of artwork builds.

The project was an opportunity to also deliver production savings for our client. We created a design that used a 6 colour strategy to significantly reduce printing costs and production times, while benchmarking colour standards for all print runs to ensure product consistency.

thINK also ran a ‘printer’s pitch’ for the Bayer Supply Planning team, to source and rationalise their packaging print suppliers.

Deliverables: Brand identity, artwork, proofing, 3D product modelling, product image renders, 3D PDFs.

The Bayer design blueprint. A simple, robust and flexible solution that works with any format packaging.
Artwork on the project wall. An invaluable snapshot of work in progress.
Pre-production - colour and substrate tests on colour profiled contract level proofs.
Our design unified product ranges, while retaining the master brand look and feel. The clean uncluttered design works on any pack format.
3D product modelling, product renders and 3D PDFs were also project deliverables.
Press checks and colour benchmarks were regularily done to ensure print consistency and repeatability across the product range.

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what clients say

Andy is a very fresh thinker. He really understands the briefings, throws himself full of energy into the new challenge and comes with very refreshing ideas. He is pragmatic, flexible, has a healthy dose of humour and always adds a touch of je-ne-sais-quoi that results in modern, honest and authentic designs

Anouk Lagae

Core Europe at Duvel Moortgat

thINK made a real difference to our business, helping us transform brands to market leaders and tell brand stories in new and compelling ways.

John Oulton

Head of Sales
Bayer Animal Health Australia

We used thINK at Coca-Cola to create concepts for new products and packs. If you’re after plenty of creative options based on clear strategic thought, without taking ages or spending a fortune, it’s worth giving Andy a shout.

Nicholas Brock

Marketing Manager
Boxes, Bars & Snacking at Lindt & Sprungli, UK

thINK is the best brand and storytelling consultancy I have worked with.

Sally Fairless

Marketing Manager
Head of Specialty, Real Pet Food Company