The Arts Law Centre of Australia
gets a new website design

An extensive web project for 3 sites, enabling better access to a vast wealth of information.

The Arts Law Centre of Australia is the national community legal centre for the arts.

thINK was commissioned to evaluate and re-design the online presence of The Arts Law Centre of Australia, including a dedicated legal service site for Indigenous artists Artists In The Black. To compliment the legal services offered, a third site, Solid Arts* was created as an information source for engaging in ethical working relationships with Indigenous artists.

The incumbent sites were a vast wealth of information, but almost impossible to navigate due to the design constraints and poor information structure.

Beginning with an immersive project planning and information mapping stage, new site architecture was developed. thINK then re-desinged the sites to be a more coherent and intuitive online resource. eCommerce capability was also included with the Arts Law site for membership and purchase of articles online.

Deliverables: Arts Law Centre of Australia website, Artists In The Black website, Solid Arts website, eCommerce functionality.

* The Solid Arts project formally concluded in 2012, but all the resources developed as part of Solid Arts are available through our Artists in the Black program.

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