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  • // Plan your research process simply and effectively
  • // Avoid wasting time, money and research on information you can’t use,
    can’t understand or don’t know what to do with
  • // Receive evidence-based solutions that drive strategic decisions from your research
  • // Receive a free template to help you plan before conducting or outsourcing your research

Download an easy-to-follow flow diagram that will help guide you through
the process of receiving evidence-based solutions that drive strategic decisions
from your research.

About the author: Alex Crook

Alex is a passionate advocate of understanding the needs of people based on ethnographic and behavioural analysis. Her Human Sciences experience in consumer, technology and pharmaceutical innovation sees her engaging marketers, business leaders, UX specialists and engineers to ensure the human experience is accounted for in the innovation process.

Alex is Stategy and Insights Director at thINK.

About thINK

we’re a human-centred design consultancy based in sydney australia. for more than 10 years we’ve been unlocking growth and new opportunity for our clients business and brands. we do this by seeing the world through the customer’s eyes to design brands, products, services and communication they love.